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Name:Three Steps From Paradise: OOC Community
Posting Access:All Members
3Steps OOC Community
This is the OOC community for [community profile] 3step_paradise
What to Post
    ♥ Introduction of yourself, required for all first-timers!
    ♥ Introductions your new characters as you get them!
    ♥ Plot Posts and player-made event information
    ♥ Hiatus announcements!
    ♥ When you are dropping a character D:
What Not to Post
    ♥ Your complaints about mods or other players.
    ♥ Quick questions. Just to ping a mod for those- we would love to hear your questions!
    ♥ Your random & crack. There is a separate community for that, [community profile] 3stepjokes.
The Key Pieces

The Law . FAQ . Getting Started . The Story So Far
Advocates & Favors . NPCs . Maps . Bestiary

Applications . Reservations . Taken . Contact
Hiatus / Drops . Canon Updates & Deaths Form . Wishlist
Plot Suggestions . How's Our Driving . Pimp it

OOC . Network . Logs . Voice Tests . Crack . Mod Journal

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